2024 EFRA Members Handbook

2024 EFRA Members Handbook

The latest EFRA Members Handbook is now available for all racers and team managers planning to attend events during 2024. The full Handbook can be downloaded here: https://www.efra.ws/handbook/

Individual sections can also be downloaded for the various category sections, bodyshells, motor & battery, and so on. Feel free to download as many or all of the PDF files as needed and have them available on your phone, tablet, etc., at this year’s races for quick reference.

Also note that the cover celebrates the fantastic World Championship year EFRA racers had in 2023! Read more about their amazing achievements on the EFRA website here https://www.efra.ws/an-amazing-year-of-success-for-efra…/

Thank you to Red RC for the great photos that grace the cover